Printed, puffed, flocked, and embroidered

This last week I had put strain on the process and went a little crazy between print and embroidery.

On joining the MA I wanted to develop and exploring the Irish embroidery machine and test my own capabilities and its own. On Monday I had the induction and everything came back like riding a bike. I felt comfortable and at home on the machine. It all was lovely, from running stitch, changing the length and going steady. Satin stitch on the Irish is and always will be my most loved stitch but it all felt a little absent. Like I had done it all, this was me 6 years ago and now I have developed and matured to a point that beautiful embroidery is not the only thing I want… This was an emotional challenge to accept as it placed a huge question on what I was going to explore. Being very process driven I felt lost.

Mindmap 1
Mindmap 1
Mindmap 2
Mindmap 2

The first of 2 mind maps helped to underpin my work and bring about clarity towards why I am doing the MA and also help explore the question, who am I, as a designer? From this I have used it to help place meaning that is very much needed to the development of the process driven work and designs.

The mixed media and combining print and embroidery exploring three dimensional elements and almost moving into sculpture of the floral itself. The process I have explored can be fully seen in the sketchbook development gallery where I have placed and reflected upon the work. It is overall unrefined and messy at this stage but were it needs to be… experimental and producing some interesting ideas.

Digital printed sketch, puff binder and Irish embroidery.
Digital printed sketch, puff binder and Irish embroidery.

This sample is about 2mm in hight but looks and feels beautiful; smooth, silky and textured. I like the puff binder as its a new process for me and works very differently then other padded materials I have used for 3d logos etc. The machine works very different with the puff binder. The back of the fabric also has a debossed effect which is very interesting and something to explore.

I like the effect and combination of these mediums coming together. I also like the tactile element and hope I can bring about the cultural wellbeing and bigger picture that I want my work to communicate. A week or two of drawing is needed…


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