Week 4

Its been a week that started in one direction and ended on a different planet for me. Jam packed, with different experiments in print, embroidery, photography, mixed media.

Second drawing class with Ian kick started the week off and from this, I felt the idea of my drawing and visuals being disconnected to my concept of real and image. This turing point, took a roll of paper and a lot of charcoal and ink however, I feel, I have a much deeper understanding of my project and the aims. Its all starting to come together or this is how I feel, as I write this. Non of it is what I first understood about the work, but I guess this is the aim of the first module to fully test your hypothesis and the aims to understand and question them…

So the drawing was good in many ways, forcing me to look and question my chosen object of roses and flowers which was then followed by a splash in the philosophy section.  The idea of Baudrillard and ‘Loss of real’ taken from the ‘The Evil Demon of Images’ which was a booklet published in 1988 declaring “images precede the real to the extent that they invert the casual and logical order of the real and its reproduction” p13 this opened Question to what I was doing and why I want to capture reality and ideas of truth to bring this in to textiles. I feel and have mentioned ‘Non objects’ so my work is about coming to a turning point into textiles and questions our own perspective of how we see objects. Image for most is more important that other qualities. This is easily represented in social media and selfie culture. Could my work change this?

My drawing is expressive and holds detail but lacks ‘the real’ I can imagine my new direction is going to have complications, as I am using technology to bridge this gap. It was in many ways, technology that created this gap of realism with the hyper real experiences that generated the loss. This first shocked me with the Korean film ‘Love Child’ from 2012, where a couple neglected a new born baby which died, over caring for a computer baby. (you tube link shows a clip for your understanding but a must watch documentary) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnuKpjTFpPM

I aim to mix this debate up a little and produce raw images and embroidered work that question beauty and ground people. I don’t want to use technology as a form of escapism and fantasy. A bit of a spin to the ideas of real and digital textiles. The driver is the over consumed imaged world that we find ourselves today.

To do this I have a Nikon D8’10 and it has been an eye opening experience. Exploring light, perspective and framing objects: Capturing these moments of reality, it is still at the early stage. I have been understanding how it all works and the different settings. The biggest element I have found is LIGHT. I have discovered tungsten lightning today and the effects of light pollution from shooting indoors and street lights. but overall an interesting perspective and one I wouldn’t have directed myself. Both images are taken from about 700 that I have taken and explored and developed. I really like the separations of light and exposer. Lots of ideas to follow up and it has been documented in my sketchbook and contextual file.

Week one wth the Nikon D8'10
Week one wth the Nikon D8’10
Week one wth the Nikon D8'10
Week one wth the Nikon D8’10

Structure and exploration of 3d to 2d with Robin was interesting but at this stage of my project from a textile designer perspective I don’t think it was relevant but the skills and ideas for generating silhouettes for fashion can be used later in term 2/3.

Workshop with Robin
Workshop with Robin

We also got our supervisor on Friday and I look forward to discuss my ideas.

Sketchbook Development
Sketchbook Development and documentation

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