An Intense week 5

So Wk5..

It has been full of little moments that become so intensified and full of emotions and expectations that well have left me feeling a little deflated. Now 2 days in week 6 and I already feel like the week has gone… I do devote a lot time to working on this project and seem to not really have much time for anything else, despite planning a wedding and still having inductions. I didn’t really expect to feel like this having worked and designed in the industry for long an having confidence but being emotionally connected and placing such an emphasis on my own signature, it seems to blur and press down on you. This might just be me as I do place the most critical reflection upon my work.

The photography with the Nikon was amazing and I feel confident using such a professional set of equipment and I have truly been able to capture some beautiful detailed images. From about 800 I have 10 maybe but I’m happy with the outcome. This has been digitally printed on silk chiffon using acid dyes and also a few reactive and look great. I feel the acid is much stronger and something I want to work with. It has a much cleaner image and something I just feel connects with my ideas of image and reality. (Images added in the sketchbook keep me posted what you think?)

I almost gave the technician a bit of heart attach, asking if I can use puff binder in the digital printer to print on the surface of something that has been puffed. Basically No unless I want to pay for a new one who I break it. Which is fair as I can let my process take me places. I was planning to work with the puff binder for structure and texture and have my printed surface. Puff on print just covers and destroys the image and almost makes the accuracy of digital print pointless. So I then tried transfer (the chemicals and mixture can be found in my technical folder section, keep in mind health and safety) digital printed surface on a puff binder screened fabric that I activated by pressing not just heating so a smooth surface. I did this for texture and engineering the fabric not height.

Both Acid and reactive transfer methods don’t work on the puffed binded surface. The acid digital print only reacted to the blue colours, I tried using different times and pressing etc… But only got a slight reaction and lost all sense of the image. The reactive worked but blurred my image having the screen and solution reacting, this being expected but in the puffed area the image was abstracted. It created something interesting but not what I wanted. When you spend a lot of money and time on methods that don’t do what they should it becomes a little frustrating. It has given me knowledge and its good to know that the technical staff didn’t know what would happen but apart from answering questions it was a lot of time and thought investment that didn’t deliver.

Also I have discovered McQueen’s new collection has the same starting point as me and I really feel down about this. It was a similar visual starting point. I understand most things have been done before but knowing this I feel I want to abandon the ideas of death and fragility within the rose. I have already spent too long on the project to actually give this any really consideration. So… I just have to do it better and explore and really embed my research with something MARTIN and my new word for the work idiosyncratic. I have submitted a proposal for an academic paper and it really put purpose into what I am doing and why.

This knowledge can address contemporary concerns within consumer culture and the longevity of cloth that exceeds its primary function, delivering emotional and experiential layers of interactive communicators, resulting in consumer wellbeing. Generating a need to embed experiences communicating empathetic idiosyncratic materials, surpassing the materialistic consumer culture.


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