Emotionally Durable Design objects experiences and empathy by Jonathan Chapman.

Empathy within my work was the missing link, I have been trying to communicate to people that I am sensitive to my surrounding and my designs become a reflection of my environment. It allows me to continue to embed meaning and experiences. I want to offer

“alternatives to the wasteful mode of technocentric design and consumption expanding our experience of daily life, rather than stifling it through endless cycles of desire and disappointment” Chapman J. p18 My design will be interactive and sensory, long-lasting creating an emphatic relationship with the user and become something more. Something that has multi layered embodied experiences resulting in a idiosyncratic design.

I also feel I can challenge the process of textiles design. My method of mixed media and crossing the disciplines of print and embroidery and exploring hand and machine may challenge the purpose of specialising and narrowing the mindset and skill base.


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