Working 3D

I am exploring with ideas of form and working with the body. I have really enjoyed the puff binder and how it has changed the matrix of the fabric and this can be engineered to create folds or shapes that work or restrict the body. I don’t think puff binder feel the best material from a tactile perspective as it’s a polar opposite of the silk chiffon I have used to test this out: hardened and crunchy when handled. But engineered prints are amazing and add a layer sophistication that would make the work Idiosyncratic! I have simply screen printed some body shapes and explored on the manikin. I will print and rework this in the sketchbook so 2d to 3d back to 2d for more consideration. Ha… I have used yellow colour so it can be seen in the images. I also have some bonding and hope this will give me a more high-end finish but I feel it may be a little sporty. More experiments to follow…


I really like how the falls over the printed stiff structure. The idea of draping and controlling this is exciting.


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