Silicon is something we don’t normally consider when we have fashion in mind but something that has sparked with me technically. I plan to use this in controlled manner and somehow work it into the structural element of my work.

The induction to the silicone room was fun and interesting with resin and a wide range of materials. I have to really think about my work and not get carried away with the idea of learning new skills and processes. It’s so easy to be indulgent with all the different technical facilities.

So from the sketchbook gallery update you can see the induction was a little blob of silicon and we was shown to dribble the solution on the mold and hey presto 24 hours later we have the cast and its did pick up the detail of my finger prints and stuck to fabric.

After this and considering how I can control the liquid for the setting process harden. Working across disciplines with CAD and Laser cutting I engraved and cut lines on acrylic to form a block printed method.

The mold ranged from .2mm to 1mm in depth and 1mm in width

Etching and engraving left the silicon rough on the surface and I cast this with the fabric on the surface fixing against gravity that created air bubbles. I have also done one sample with the fabric on the base and mold sat on the surface allowing the silicon to rest on the surface and naturally fix. The effect is smooth and much more effective. It has structure and manipulates the fabric surface. I aim to continue this method with more designs and structure.


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