Gerhard Richter Painting, A Film by Corinna Belz


Gerhard Richter Painting, A Film by Corinna Belz

“They do wht they want”

“Painting is another form of thinking”

“I am interested in the things I don’t understand”

“The eye is always looking for something in abstarct painting, I think for simularities with real things that we encounter and that’s where the effect of abstract paintings come from. That’s why you can start to give them some sort of meaning.”

“The figurative aspects is always present within these paintings because with all the trillions of possible configurations a figurative image. Rather, all possible images, are sure to appear at the same point, but because the possibilities are so numerous. The probability that I will, in fact, produce a figurative image by chance is practically zero. They always look the same. One is like another, vague and non-representational. The dog never appears. Theres also no swastika init. That is how it is. Even thought everything is in there”

Written an ddirected by Corinna Belz Editing Stephan Krumbiegel Germany 2011/ 97Minutes/ Region 2/ Zeoro One Film/ Terz Film/ WDR/ MDR.

This film was a rare insight into how Richter creates and understands his work. The series of abstract paintings and perspective given is fantastic, the time and consideration. The life of art and its practitioners. From doing a little painting this last week I feel a better understanding of the meaning of abstraction and embedding meaning and value in the canvas. I hope when you look at my work you are always searching for meaning!


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