Eyes woundering across the canvas

The abstracted work is developing and I am learning form creating and progressing with the work. I feel The marks have more confidence and consideration of the flowers and photography. I start by looking at the flowers and allow the images to evole into the abstract forms. The layers and paitients of applying different coats to be scratched and pulled back to only reveal small emements is something that is intersting me. I find my hand glides over the canvas and this unpredicted reaction of colour and paint happens. These later images I have addes wood chips and saw dust to create a heavery layer of texture and its produced a more agresive mark, that contrasts the bluring and dusting of hues.

When we look at the work what do we see? I hope people are searching for meaning? Eyes woundering across the canvas searching for the pattern or sign… Now I feel I have something with the painting I want to record peoples reactions. Comment what you see…




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