the end of a busy and what seems long week

A happy point to reflect on


I think this day I give myself to consider improvements and just record my ideas and actions is good and necessary. I might even state, I should be doing more of this. Its hard to practice and keep this flow of energy and momentum but these little pockets of time given to just reflect, allow closure on the past to help develop. It also demands you to look at the work objectively.

I was able to develop some really interesting engraved lines and want to really challenge the tools of engraving this next week. I added a little video and need to continue this work but break out of the block printing ideas that I had set out with. I feel I have done some complex samples using this method and very stitch like but need to work out of the boxed frame. 

I want to really challenge scale this week and work around the confinement of the machine bed. My embroidery is too small when placed with engraved lines and even too much. in isolation the embroidery looks interesting both for mens and womenswear. when the fabrics are layered they add to the design without pushing ideas of gender. This work was about abstract multi meanings that we all can take from. something that connects to us all.

Its been a week of development and I feel just a slight bit of fine tuning and I will have something beautiful. I want to focus on this week these develops and recording the work and ensuring a level of transparency within my thought and Ideas.


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